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Typing Bangla in Ubuntu

Many people often fall in trouble when it comes to typing in Bengali while using Ubuntu. First thing I would mention is that keep in mind that Ubuntu has the maximum regional support officially. Ubuntu has 2 keyboard layouts for typing Bengali.
1. Bangladesh
2. Bangladesh Probhat 

The layout named "Bangladesh" is somewhat similar to "Bijoy keyboard". I am not sure about what are the difference, if you know plz comment to share.

Another one is the "Bangladesh Probhat" it is a phonetic keyboard. It is most popular for those who do not know any conventional keyboard layouts or those who type Bengali occasionally.

To set up your keyboard to type Bengaly first go to -
System -> Preferences -> Keyboard

 Then click on the "Layout" tab

 The current available layouts will be showed. Click on Add

Choose your country "Bangladesh" and choose your variants "Bangladesh" or "Bangladesh Probhat".

Click "Add"

Now click on the newly created layout and click "Layout options"

Select the key you want to use to switch layouts from the "Keys to change layout" drop down list. You can use "super" (or windows)if it is free. and click "done". Now you can start to type Bengali by pressing the specified switch.

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