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Hi buddies....So nice to tell you that Ubuntu 10.10 has been released. Collect yours now.......!! volunteers are requested to order CDs for distribution.......Lets spread the word of UBUNTU!!

উবুন্টুর জন্য অভ্র ! Avro for Ubuntu

আপনি কি Windows এ অভ্র ব্যবহারে অভ্যস্ত ? তাহলে চিন্তা নেই। এখন অভ্র ব্যবহার করুন উবুন্টুতে। Download এবং Install এর জন্য দেখুন এখানে

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Kaustav Das Modak said...

@Shabab Haider Siddique

I've created a packaging archive for scim-avro for Ubuntu. Usage is pretty simple, you can check my blog post for it: Install Avro Phonetic (scim-avro) in Ubuntu from PPA

Sadly, scim is getting phased out and, as a result, I'm getting a lot of complaints that scim-avro is not working properly. Hoping to have a stable release of Avro on iBus soon!